Variations On A Theme

by Brent Vallefuoco

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Composed in my head over the last year and originally meant for my older band, Godbless Thee Mooseheart, this "mini-album" of sorts was a challenge to myself to break out of my bad habit of sitting on recorded material for an extended period of time and to force myself to simply record, mix, and release a record in as concise a manner as possible. Furthermore, it was also an challenge to write music more concisely. Rather than fitting multiple ideas into a piece, I wanted to force myself to reuse fewer musical ideas in as many ways as I could while keeping things interesting.The entire record stays within the key of Eb Major and employs variations of motifs and chord progressions throughout.

This record is easily my favorite thing that I've ever made, and I'm extremely excited to share it with everyone!

The best setting to enjoy this album is at 2 AM with headphones after having a joint.


released September 6, 2016

All songs written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Brent Vallefuoco at Hear No Evil Studio in Orange, CA.

Mastered by The Internet.

Contributions to "2 AM" by Andrew Bennett.



all rights reserved


Brent Vallefuoco California

Composer, singer/songwriter, Xanthochroid guitarist, sound engineer, record collector, and tea & coffee enthusiast.

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Track Name: 2 AM
Part I:
I remember in San Francisco
When we stayed up and watched "The Twilight Zone"
And even at two in the morning,
Everyone outside seemed like they had so much to do.

To think I could have looked in her eyes
And felt her warmth by my side
And still felt the whole world was falling apart.

'Cause you never know if they'd really love you when
They find out you're not so put together after all,
And you never know if they really care at all
That you hate yourself so much it's so hard to breathe sometimes.

Yet to think I could have looked in her face
And looked at her smiling back at me
And still felt as if I was about to die.
Why can't I just get over myself?

Part II:
I stared at the Seattle skyline
From the balcony of my AirBNB
Thinking about how dumb it was
To take a vacation alone,

But it's alright in the end.

But none of these shops on Pike St.
Or even Capitol Hill
Can make me feel the way I felt with her at 2 AM.

But it's alright in the end.
Track Name: Superman
Mother came home on a christmas night
As a young girl in the dark of the night
Not to say hello or even come inside,
Just to leave a sign she was still alive.

Superman isn't real
And he's never gonna save you.

She sat in a psychiatrist's chair
Just hoping they wouldn't bring her back there.
He sat with a detached and meaningless smile
And scribbled lines here and there.

Superman isn't real
And he's never gonna save you.
Superman isn't real
And he's never gonna save me.

I sit here afraid of a life
That's kept me from the struggle and strife.
It's easy to feel down sometimes,
But you'll never feel fine if you don't ever try.